Loz Campbell Exclusive

Ahead of the new EP Launch on 12th March, we spoke with Loz Campbell about her music.



Mark: You’ve just done a special gig at Theatre Royal Wakefield, how was it?

Loz: Brilliant, it was amazing to play on such a cool stage with a sold out audience.

Mark: And your new EP is out very soon, tell us about it.

Loz: Its out on 12th March, 5 tracks, and its called Lady Beryllium.

Mark: Where did the title come from?

Loz: Lady Beryllium is the title track, so I just linked it in.

Mark: I know you do a lot of gigs to promote your music. At what point did you start writing the new material?

Loz: I’m always writing, I’d say I probably already have enough songs for another EP! But sometimes you want release everything when you’ve written it. Its important to give tracks time and make a feature of them.

Mark: Do you try songs out live first?

Loz: I record songs first, thinking about copyright, but its always good to get feedback live. I know straight away though if a new song is EP worthy and where it will be placed. You definitely know when you get a wow.

Mark: How do you write them?

Loz: If I come up with lyrics I can put chords around it, but I might have a chord sequence and add a little riff around it. I don’t know what’s easier, maybe writing lyrics to chords.

Mark: Do you write everything on the guitar?

Loz: Yes.

Mark: How long has the new material been in incubation?

Loz: The first track that’s going on the EP is Alice and that was January. Shortly after that I wrote Lady Beryllium. The last three I wrote on holiday in summer. Its nice if you can relax and put more time into it.

Mark: Was it recorded in one session?

Loz: The first two were recorded this time last year and the last three in October.

Mark: Are there any other contributors on the EP?

Loz: On the last three tracks I had friend, Rob Burnell do the drums. I can drum but its important to take a step back and let someone add if they are good at what they do. There’s a trumpet on one of the tracks too.

Mark: Is it a physical release?

Loz: Yes, it will also be on iTunes but not straight away.

Mark: How would you compare this release to the last?

Loz: I think this is better, I Hope people will see a change and see me growing. Its definitely more rocky and upbeat. This time with things like the drums its more like a band CD. There will be a full band on the day of the launch.

Mark: How much do you feel you sculpt the sound and how much is a producer?

Loz: Its funny because when you go into the studio it always comes out better, something magical happens. I get the guitar and vocals, the basics down, then start adding guitar parts, bass and drums follow, it all builds.

Mark: What’s happening after launch?

Loz: I’m hoping to do some in-store shows, hopefully with the band. I have a few local gigs lined up and festivals in summer.

Mark: Can we get you in Ossett?

Loz: We can probably fit that in.

You can catch the new EP for the first time at the CD launch, 3pm, 12th March at the Unity Works Cafe Bar.


Loz Campbell Eller Coffee 2016