Interview with Sophie May

Following her success on BBC’s The Voice, singer Sophie May Williams from Wrenthorpe is about to perform to a sell out crowd at Ossett’s Trinity Church.  Two hundred people have tickets to see her alongside Voice finalists Georgia Harrup and Chris Royal.  Sophie made time in her busy schedule this week for a quick interview.

How would you describe your last 12 months?

The last 12 months have been absolutely crazy! In the space of a year I’ve done and achieved so many things – I’m now in the position to be able to create my own music, go in the studio and have creative input and come out with something I’m 100% proud of. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the industry’s best people and I’ve been given expert advice in each aspect.

What did you learn from your experience on BBC’s The Voice?

I already knew how cut throat the industry was but I’d never experienced it first hand – I’ve learned how thick skinned you need to be to be able to survive in the industry and it’s definitely given me an insight as to how I need to conduct myself to get to where I want to be. I’ve definitely learnt from the best – having an icon as huge as Will.I.Am as your coach definitely has its perks! Working with Will was such an insightful experience, I’ve never met anyone with so many weird and wonderful ideas!

How did it feel to sing to millions of people?

Thinking about it now seems ridiculous! I still can’t get my head around the fact that I’ve been on millions of peoples’ TV screens all around the country, having them know every detail of my life, it’s just crazy! I honestly had the best experience though and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities I’ve received.

What attracted you to Trinity Church, Ossett for your acoustic concert?

I’ve always wanted to put on a concert of some kind in an obscure and unusual place, and when I heard about the church after playing a gig in Ossett prior to the Voice I immediately knew I wanted to play there in the future. The aesthetic of the church completely suits both mine and Georgia’s style, so I think the two aspects will compliment each other greatly!

What music can people expect to hear from you in the coming months?

So, right now I’m currently recording an EP that will hopefully be ready for release around Christmas time. This is the first time I’ve been able to have complete creative and artistic input, so everything you hear will be 100% me. All the tracks will be originals, written and co-written by myself. I’m going for a very dark and soulful theme with smooth bass lines and phaser effects, drawing from the culture of the 1960s and 70s.


There are  literally a handful of tickets left at £10 so if you’d like to see these singers live, Friday 7th Nov, 7.30pm, contact Mark at Eller Coffee on Station Road Ossett, 01924 272006