Creative Photos

Talented student photographer Chloe Elizabeth Dill talks about her passion for the art.

I think I’ve always been interested in photography but I only knew it when it came to choosing my GCSE options at the end of year nine. I have always had a love for art and design, and after I chose photography for a GCSE option I started growing a passion for it. Being behind a camera is something that I can remember enjoying, and recently I have been trying new things such as levitations and various other Photoshop work. I like the freedom in photography and being able to express myself through an image which I can manipulate in Photoshop to seem old or magical to suit my mood. I love being creative with the images I produce and soon I wish to be able to take myself off to woodlands and other beautiful areas and be able to achieve some great images. I am hoping to take my photography a lot further, and I will soon have an interview for Leeds college of art and hopefully I get a place there, so over the next two years I can learn a lot more and expand on my skills and passion for art and design.

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